Friday, December 30, 2011

59 Days

59 days, Fifty nine days, cincuenta y nueve dias. No matter how you say it, the next 59 days will pass by quickly.  Fifty nine is the number of days we have left in Halifax, Nova Scotia until we start our new life in Nicaragua.  We are in the process of disposing of most of our "things" - beds, couches, dishes, winter clothing - I'm sure you get the picture.

We are really excited about the coming changes.  Some things will be hard to leave behind - like our cold, Canadian winters - not!  However, we will miss our dear friends and family.  Now you have a new and interesting place to visit!

View from our apartment in Nova Scotia

Why Nicaragua?  About five years ago we started to realize that retirement wasn't all that far into the future and began to visualize what retirement would look like. We knew that we didn't want to continue working until the age of 65 or longer and that we wanted to try and serve Jehovah more fully.  We came to the conclusion that we would have to move to a less expensive country in order to fulfill our goals.  We started to research different countries that appealed to us and/or countries where the cost of living was considerably lower than Canada.  Eventually we decided to check out Nicaragua.  Since settling on Nicaragua as a possible destination, we have enjoyed two adventurous vacations and are now ready to move down and enjoy life as permanent (perpetual tourist style) residents.

We still don't know what city we are moving to - however, on February 28, 2012 we are on the move!  We will keep you posted as to where our new life takes us by updating this blog.  We would love to hear back from you all and we hope to have a lovely new place where you can all come and visit (just hopefully not all at once).