Thursday, October 27, 2016

We are Returning to Nicaragua!

Where has the time gone? We can hardly believe it, but we have been back in Canada for 3 years!
Pat finished chemo and radiation in 2014 – he was glad to get that behind him. However, for most of 2015 we were waiting to find out if he was in remission. He had two “iffy” scans and we didn’t find out that he was out of the woods until the end of August. Woohoo!
Once the relief set in that Pat was in remission, we started to think about the possibility of returning to Nicaragua. So…we have good news to share – we are going back to Nicaragua in December! Only 44 days to go!

 As much as we loved both Leon and Pearl Lagoon, we won’t be returning to either of those places. After a couple of vacations in Cuba we realized how much we loved white sandy beaches, palm trees and easy access to snorkeling. So, our plan is to move to Big Corn Island where we will be able to enjoy the beach life in abundance.

We must say, that we really appreciate the loving support we’ve received over the last 3 years helping us to conquer the CANCER beast. Without the support, sometimes daily, from our close friends and a fantastic team of doctors and nursing staff, it would have been even more difficult than it was. Also, the support that we received from Debbie’s place of employment has been truly amazing. A huge THANK YOU to everyone!