Sunday, August 12, 2012

León, Nicaragua - August 12, 2012

Rain has finally returned to León to the great relief of many! We didn't get any real rain for about 2 months and everywhere was dry and dusty again - just like the summer months (remember-we are in the "winter" season here in Nicaragua). With the rain has come a few challenges in service - mud, mud, and more mud, along with large puddles. In this picture you can see how the homeowner has strategically placed some rocks so that people can reach their door without getting their feet wet - you can bet that I let Pat take this door so that I wasn't the one to loose their balance and get all wet!

Our congregation has enjoyed many visitors that have stayed for a few weeks or more. It has been a pleasure to get to know them. You can be sure that they are put to good use when they are here. Quite often they are roped into giving demonstrations, helping with the mic's and well really used anywhere and anyhow we can! We look forward to Shannon and Desmond who are arriving in a couple of weeks - can't wait to see what the brothers have in mind for you!
Jake and Scarlet giving a demonstration
Although we are sorry to see them go back home we really enjoy the opportunity for a good PARTY! Thanks guys!
smiling faces at Jake's party (we really are sorry to see him go!)

shaking a leg at Jake's goodbye party
Our Kingdom Hall also serves as the literature depot and so there is always a lot of coming and going with brothers picking up their shipments. However, this week was the first time we saw the literature picked up with a horse and cart - it helped to remind us just how different our new home is....

On another note, our Hall is being used for the Spanish Pioneer School for the next two weeks - we're sure that everyone who is invited to the school will have an amazing experience.  The English Pioneer School is being conducted in San Salvador - we are hoping to attend the school next year.