Sunday, January 13, 2013

León, Nicaragua - January 13, 2013

38 in attendance for meeting for field service
On Friday we had an amazing turn-out for field service - there were 38 in attendance. Sergio did a fantastic job in organizing the groups, but even more impressive to me was that he remembered all the visitors names! We had our customary visit to La Paz Centro and were finally able to meet up again with Eric. Like many people, he is really struggling with faith in God because of all the suffering that there is in the world. We pointed out in the Bible Teach book the chapter that discusses that very subject. We read together the first few paragraphs and then made arrangements to return to visit him next week to discuss the next sub-heading.  We were also able to visit with Jose Luis. He mentioned to us that his Pastor has given him an ultimatum to stop studying the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses. We gave him a few scriptures to read over and suggested that he pray to Jehovah for guidance. He will let us know next week if he plans to continue with his study.

When we returned from La Paz Centro we headed to the Campos Medicos where a large group had gathered to play a friendly game of soccer. While many ran around on the field the rest of us sat back and enjoyed getting to know each other.

Lily calling in an update on the scores

Pat on the sidelines

León Inglés playing soccer

León Inglés playing soccer

Yesterday we had our "Sunday Meeting" due to the fact that the Spanish brothers were having their KM meeting at the Kingdom Hall today. We took a picture after the meeting to show the huge attendance made up of León regulars, visitors and bible studies. Unfortunately, some had already left before this picture was taken.
León Inglés - January 12, 2013