Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2nd week of Pioneer School and a visit to León

We can understand why everyone enjoys Pioneer School. It's a crazy busy time but you learn so much and it is a time to make new friends. We really appreciated the generosity and love shown by so many - the brothers and sisters that came from the US to feed us, Sean and Christy Ross that put up with us for two weeks, the special little gifts (makeup, bookmarks, pens and markers) and the wonderful instructors.

Here are a few more pictures from our time in the first English Pioneer School in Nicaragua:

Makeup, earrings and perfume

Nazareth playing Kingdom Melodies as lunch was being prepared

frying the tortillas for tostadas

Tostadas for lunch - so delicious

They got creative in packing lunch - this box doesn't hold chicken....

it held a croissant sandwich, cookies, chips, and candies

We got to choose a handmade bookmark from a beautiful selection

Waiting for the rain to stop at Hotel Granada

Sean and Christy - our generous hosts

Pat, Debbie and Jen

Blake, Lisa , Ed Newbon
Andrea and Christy
Cindy and Jasel
Melessa, Jeri and M.C.
At the end of school we each received our own little cupcake
Information centre on La Calzada, Granada

When class finished on Friday afternoon, we said goodbye to everyone and headed to León to visit with friends and to touch base with some of our former Bible Students. We were thrilled when Nate and Ashlee asked if we could stay with them for a few days - it meant some one on one time with Lily. Lily is no longer the sweet little baby that we knew. She is growing into quite the young lady and has a beautiful little personality.

Cheeky Lily with her milk mustache

Central Parque - León, Nicaragua

Lily at Antonino's Pizza
Ashlee's sisters, Skye and Calli, arrived on Monday evening so we are currently bunking at Michelle and Miguel's place. Let me tell you a little secret about Miguel - he makes awesome breakfasts!

Next stop - San Salvador, El Salvador for the District Convention. We are really looking forward to this convention - not just for the new releases but we will be able to visit with some friends from Nova Scotia, Peter and Monica Stroud that are now serving in an English congregation in Antigua, Guatemala.