Monday, January 23, 2012

The Beginning of the End (of our lives in Nova Scotia)

Last night our congregation threw us a going away party.  Yes, it is a little early, after all, we aren't flying out until February 28th.  However, there are a lot of activities planned for our little congregation and last night was a good time for us to get together.  Here are some pictures from the event and also from earlier in the day at the meeting.

This next video is on You Tube: Farewell to Nova Scotia

The text to the song they sang:

Farewell to Pat and Debbie
Farewell to Nova Scotia, the seabound coast
Let your mountains dark and dreary be
For when I am far away on the briny ocean tossed
Will you ever heave a sigh or a wish for me?

We wish Pat and Debbie all the best
As they leave to expand their ministry
So farewell, farewell to Nova Scotia's charm
on to further blessings in the Nicaragua field.
They grieve to leave their brothers dear
Their arms held wide to show their love
Their desire is strong to serve where the need is great
And we hope to come and see them in their new found home.
We know they grieve to leave us all
We know they grieve to say good bye
So goodbye from all of us whom you held so dear
Because early in the morning, you'll be far, far away.
We have so many brothers that we must leave
So many sisters that we will miss
but humbly we wish to express our love to you
may all of you come and visit us in Nicaragua

We would like to thank everyone for their love and best wishes and hope that you will come and visit us when we are all settled.
Pat & Debbie