Saturday, January 28, 2012

I forgot what it was like to sleep with a dog!

It's been a few days and a lot has been going on. We have now moved houses and are staying with some friends for our last month here in Nova Scotia. We arrived Thursday night and promptly the next morning they left for vacation in Mexico!  Therefore, we are house and dog sitting for two weeks.  Cathy, I'm sorry to say - I have already let you down - I failed my first day in dog sitting. Last night poor Evey wouldn't settle and I figured she was still so sad that you had left. Then, when I opened my eyes this morning I remembered.....I forgot her bedtime snack - that's what she was upset about.  She did eventually settle down, but I had forgotten how dogs sigh and dream in their sleep.

We will be heading back to the apartment this afternoon to tidy up some loose ends, clean up and hopefully the last of the furniture will be picked up.

Soooo, I'm so excited - we have found a house in Leon to rent.  It's a little over budget (sounds like House Hunters International) and only one bedroom but it has a nice outdoor space that I wasn't expecting, patio and it comes with a dishwasher.  We have decided to rent it for a year as well as supply our own furnishings. Here are some pictures from when it was built a couple of years ago.
Street View
Front of House

Looking at the parking area for a car and the raised deck