Tuesday, April 10, 2012

León, Nicaragua - April 10, 2012

Frank and Maria (photo by: Conrod Photography.com)
Well, it was bound to happen - we locked ourselves out of the house! Since Pat and I are always together, we seldom both carry our keys - why load ourselves down?? So, no sooner did Pat close the lock then we realized that we had left the keys in the house.... now what to do?? We checked with the family to see if there was an extra key and after trying about 50.... there wasn't a match. Thankfully, Frank was on hand and helped us out (again). He managed to get the lock open and we were in business! So... I think it's about time we introduced you to Frank. Frank is originally from El Salvador and has been a huge help by answering our many questions and helping us to locate the things we need. His daughter Maria has just turned 3 and is slowly getting to know us and will sometimes give us kisses. Frank has started to study with Pat and Karin (Maria's mom) is studying with Debbie.

 This past week we had some surprise thunderstorms. I say surprise because it is very unusual to have rain in León at this time of year. This wasn't a nice gentle rain either - it was huge turn on the faucet type of storm with lots of thunder and lightning. We had trouble sleeping during one of the storms because all we could think about was our open "windows" and how much rain would come into the house. Well, it turns out that the window above the kitchen has a drain that takes any rain that comes in away. However, the window in the dining room is another story. Although there is a drain in the floor to take away any huge excess of rain, we don't want huge amounts of rain coming in and soaking everything. So... we put our thinking caps on our heads and came up with a solution....and of course, it hasn't rained yet to see how effective it is. What is this brilliant idea? Well, we bought a plastic shower curtain that we have installed on the outside of the window. All we have to do is roll it down when it rains.
Memorial April 5, 2012

Photo by: Conrod Photography.com
It's been a while since we left you all and you might have forgotten what we look like. Here are a couple of recent photos of us. Notice how the more we spend time together the more we dress alike? It wasn't until we got to the Memorial that we realized that we were so colour coordinated.

Sunday night we went to the beach with a group of the brothers and sisters in our congregation. It is no longer a "shock" to us to see groups of people sitting in the back of a pickup truck - nope, now we can say that we have "done that". We didn't leave León until gone 6 and so it was quite dark when we got to the beach. A nice fire had already been started and all we had to do was sit back and relax and enjoy the sound of the waves and the crackling of the fire - oh yeah, and the shrieks of delight as one after another was thrown into the waves.... everyone had a great time!

We would like to thank Arnie and Pam Conrod for contributing some of their pictures from their recent trip to Nicaragua.  Be sure to check out their site at: Conrod Photography