Thursday, April 26, 2012

León, Nicaragua - April 26, 2012

This has been a very quiet week for us - well at least since Pat got sick on Saturday and I came down with the same thing on Sunday. No, we didn't lose our voices but the virus sure knocked us out for a few days. Pat seems to be over the worst and I'm getting back to a normal routine too. Being sick now is a little different than when we were at home. Since we are unemployed we don't worry about loosing time from work and loading down our coworkers with extra stuff because we can't come in - it's very liberating.... I guess there is an upside to everything.

Pat has been assigned an "out-going" talk in Chinandega at the end of May so we will be able to check out the English congregation while we are there. We already met an Australian sister from the congregation who is here until around December, so it will be nice to get reacquainted.

We almost got a headboard for our bed last week. It is being custom made but when the carpenter brought it he had made it King sized and our bed is only a Queen. Poor fellow must have lost the paper he put the measurements on.  He told Pat that he would fix it up and we hopefully will get it this week or next.

We took some pictures from around the neighbourhood to give you more of an idea of what León is like.

Sign on door says the house and property are for sale - anyone interested?

Notice the bird?
sidewalks with overgrown flowering bushes
Watch your step