Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Preparing for the Memorial on March 26, 2013 - Pearl Lagoon

Pat dragging away the garbage
This year the Pearl Lagoon congregation has rented the "Casa de Culturas" for their celebration of the Memorial. The building is only about 8 months old but it required a little tender loving care to get into shape for Tuesday night.

In preparation for the cleanup on Monday the grass was cut the day before so that the clippings would have time to dry out and make it easier to remove it. Early on Monday morning a crew arrived to start a thorough raking of the lawn to remove all the cut grass and the garbage that had been dropped on the property. All of the debris was removed and burned offsite which meant carrying it about 1/2 block away to Brother and Sister Blakes house.

The inside of the building and the chairs all needed a thorough cleaning too! It's amazing how dirty a place can get in only a few months.

Yadira moving her pile with the wheel barrow

Annette and Camille filling their bag with garbage

Honorio with his partner - sweeping out the auditorium

Debbie cleaning the chairs

Jean and June washing the floors

raking the lawn for a second time to get everything up

Dirty chairs like this:

Now look like this:

Clean chairs ready for the Memorial

Jean drying the floor

Kathy handing out invitations to passersby

view of the cleaned up side yard

As we were finishing up the morning us women started to wonder where all the men had disappeared to...... when suddenly one of them returned with a nice cool treat.

Honorio arriving with the raspados

You can bet they didn't last long!