Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pearl Lagoon - March 2, 2013

When we rented our house here in Pearl Lagoon we knew that there were a few repairs that needed to be completed. The toilet in the second bathroom couldn't be used for a couple of reasons - the toilet itself needed a new part and also the pipe that was attached to the sewer needed to be repaired. We figured we had a little bit of time to take care of these issues since Camille was staying with her family while they visited Pearl Lagoon. Since we were heading into Bluefields to meet our new landlady we made a list of all the "parts" that we needed for the repairs since they were much cheaper in Bluefields.

Honorio and George fixing the sewer pipe
While we were on the panga to Bluefields Pat received a phone call to see if we would be willing to host Brother and Sister Schleper during their upcoming visit (February 20-24, 2013). Since we now have a spare room we immediately said yes - now the pressure was on because the repairs had to be made by the following day before Todd and Lori arrived for the visit. When we returned from Bluefields we made a few calls to the "handyman" brothers in the congregation and within a short period of time they were at the house and the repairs were completed. In no time at all the second bathroom had a working toilet and shower!

Our first day of field service was in a community called Raitipura. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there from the Kingdom Hall. It is a well traveled road so there are many people to talk to along the way. Many people in this community speak Miskito as well as English or Spanish. They may or may not read  the language they speak and so sometimes we need to teach them how to read as well as give them a bible study. There are many homes that are very humble but have a beautiful lagoon view.

crossing the water on the way to Raitipura

being given a helping hand to cross the water
A highlight of the Circuit Overseers visit was our Pioneer Meeting. Along with all the pioneers in Pearl Lagoon there were a few visitors that swelled the attendance to 13.
Pioneer meeting - Pearl Lagoon, February 23, 2013
For 3 months of the year the local people are legally permitted to fish for turtle and so turtle meat is readily available. We were invited to try "roasted turtle back" with a local family. The shell is propped upright with some coals below roasting the meat.  Since a nice spice mixture has been applied to the meat it is quite delicious and we won't hesitate to go if we are ever invited again.
roasting turtle back

the families dogs were waiting for a treat

Pat taking off a chunk of meat
Our little house is looking like home and we are all settling in very well. Pancho has adjusted to his new home quite well and seems to have turned over a new leaf - he is getting positively friendly with people. His favorite activity is when someone is ironing he likes to join in and will even climb up peoples pant legs to get a better view. He has also decided that he likes to be around us and wants to be picked up all the time. I think the move has proved to be a bonding process for us all.

our living room