Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - February 27, 2013

So, taking Nathan's implied challenge in earnest, we were up early on February 14th to get everything packed, cleaned and ready to go. Not thinking about what was to come we took the time to wash everything down so that it would arrive in Pearl Lagoon looking good. However, we didn't take into consideration that the truck was open and that the roads would be dusty.... it truly was a wasted effort. Oh, well, another lesson learned.... Even with all this "extra" work we gave Nathan a call and noon to tell him that we everything was ready to be put onto the truck.

Mariela and Thalia stopped by before the meeting to see if we needed any help and to say goodbye. We will miss these lovely young ladies!

Debbie and Mariela

Debbie and Thalia

Mariela and Pat

We owe a great big thanks to Sergio and his dad for finding us our transportation to Pearl Lagoon. The original plan was that Sergio senior would drive us out in the truck that he has. However, the truck blew it's engine and they couldn't get it fixed in time. They took hours out of their own time to arrange for our "movers" and we can't thank them enough....  I must admit though that I hadn't planned on going across country in the back of the truck - I was still thinking like a Canadian.

Anyhow, by 5:30 pm the truck had arrived and by 6:30 pm we were all loaded on and on the road. Our mattress was put down at the rear of the truck and that is where Pat, Sergio, Pancho and I hung out for the entire trip. I must admit that at first we were loving it. The roads weren't too bumpy and the night sky was beautiful. However, as the night wore on it got decidedly cold and neither Pat nor I had a sweater. Fortunately, Sergio was able to reach the bag that had our towels in them and we used them like blankets. The other problem was - What would we do if it started to rain???? What a relief when we reached Pearl Lagoon and not a drop of rain had fallen.

Pancho ready to go

Sergio relaxing in the back of the truck
 The trip took longer than we had anticipated because our driver was very cautious and took his time on the stretch from El Rama to Pearl Lagoon. The bus usually takes 5 hours to drive this road but it took us 6 1/2 hours and it was so bumpy that there were times when I was sure we would be bumped out onto the road. You can only imagine our relief when we could smell the Atlantic and we knew that our torture was almost over. I doubt that we will ever willingly travel that stretch of road in the back of a truck again.

When we arrived in Pearl Lagoon and arrived at our new home we were greeted by our dear brothers and sisters who were there to unload our stuff. We were also greeted by our neighbors dog, Lobo, who was quite happy to see that we brought his lunch with us - Pancho! The poor bird was so insecure that he wanted to be with us at all times and Lobo had him in his mouth before we knew it! Pancho is one tough bird though and managed to get away minus a few tail feathers!

After a delicious lunch provided by the sister who rented the house before us (she was moving to El Rama and our movers were taking her stuff for her) the truck was loaded up again for the return trip. We felt so sorry for Sergio because he was faced with another long journey back to León in the back of the truck. We are happy to report that he made it back alive!

The house that we have here in Pearl Lagoon has three bedrooms which means that we will be able to have people stay with us. The one room is currently being rented from us by a young sister from Alaska - Camille Fry. We were thrilled to find out that she is a bird lover because she will be able to look after Pancho when we have to visit Costa Rica for our visa run.

Annette, Cameron and Camille
When we arrived in Pearl Lagoon Camille's family was here on a visit.
Cameron, Rebecca, Julie, Brianna and Camille

So, we are slowly settling into our new home. Pancho has recovered from his terrible ordeal and we think he likes it here. Next post I will be able to bring you up-to-date with all the goings on here in Pearl Lagoon.

Pancho hanging out on the front porch

Pat sharing his oatmeal with Pancho