Saturday, February 2, 2013

León, Nicaragua - February 2, 2013

just a glimpse of the ocean
The past week there have been a number of goodbyes as our visitors continue to leave. Although we didn't have a formal party to see them off a good number of us congregated at Playa Roca for one last beach day. The waves were really rough and it reminded me of the first time we went to Las Penitas - one of those days when you wear half of the beach home. As Pat and I were walking along the beach we weren't paying attention to the waves and suddenly our feet were knocked out from under us and we were rolling in the surf. We had a good laugh as we looked around to see who saw (just about everyone!) but it was a good reminder of how careful you need to be there!

We loved working with you folks in the ministry and hope to see you back in Nicaragua again. Here is a picture of everyone who left on Tuesday....
Brie, David, Sofie, Wendy, Mercedes and Rachel

Here's just about everyone that hung out at the beach on Monday. Notice the new guy hiding in the front row? That's Taylor who is visiting us for a couple of months.
The gang at the beach - January 28, 2013

Soccer game

Pat has the true Nica style!
The Witnessing Table is still having very positive results. People are getting used to us being there on a regular basis and are stopping in for the latest magazines. Also, there seem to be more tour groups passing through which means more "foreigners" passing by while on their vacation. Some are willing to stop and chat for a little while.

We have also had some good chats with the street vendors. One of the fellows that makes jewelry was very interested in the Young People Ask Books because he works with a group that helps street kids. We were able to bring him a set in Spanish which he was very happy to receive.

Notice the picture of Pat carrying the chairs on his head? He is becoming more and more like the locals; although I doubt we'll see him walking down the street balancing a container of tortillas on his head.

fresh papaya from our tree
Our papaya tree has finally bore fruit and we were able to enjoy our first harvest. There are still many more on the tree and they should ripen in the next few weeks. It has really been exciting to watch this tree grow and to finally enjoy some of it's fruit. The fruit was surprisingly sweet and free from any soap taste.... Soap??? Yes, remember that we had to keep sprinkling the yard with soap in order to discourage the fire ants. We were a little worried that the tree might absorb some of the soap and that the fruit would taste bad (soapy) - but fortunately that didn't happen and the fruit was delicious.

Marcus and Maria Becker
We have a new couple that have joined our congregation - Marcus and Maria Becker. They are rather special to us for a couple of reasons.

1. They will be taking over all our calls and studies in La Paz Centro - thanks guys!

2. They will be moving into our house here in León as of February 15th.

Why??? Because we are moving to Pearl Lagoon! When we went to Pearl Lagoon at the beginning of January it was to scout out the possibility of moving there. Even though it is very remote and very different than anywhere we have ever lived before we feel that Jehovah answered our prayers and made a way for us to be able to move there. We will miss everyone from our congregation here in León and hope that in time they will be able to visit us.

Our house in Pearl Lagoon