Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snapshots of our week.

Pictures from the week:

Just before we left for the service meeting we noticed that there was an iguana on the windowsill in our bedroom. We decided to "encourage" it to leave and banged on the window. Instead of heading back where it came from it made a flying leap into the bedroom. We spent a "fun" 5 minutes chasing it around the bedroom where it tried to hide behind suitcases, book cases and in shoes. Once we got him into the living room it was fairly easy to sweep him outside.
Iguana in the house

Iguana in the yard
We thought we had got rid of him for good! However, later that day when we returned from the store, guess who was back???? He had only made it into the living room and so we swept him out again. This time he disappeared into the drain and we haven't seen him since!
The iguana came back!
 Pancho doesn't really like Pat but will "allow" Pat to feed him cookies. Later that day Pancho helped me edit the picture in the computer.

Pancho helping to edit his pictures on the computer
 Little Natalie has started school and just like all young students she finds it hard to stay away during the Thursday night meeting.

Natalie and Erica taking a break in central park during service.
Erica with Natalie in Central Park

Last weekend we enjoyed the company of Rachel and Charley Matthews who are serving in El Crucero in Spanish. They brought with them Rachel's mom and dad - Joe and Annette Flores - to enjoy some time in Leon and Las Penitas. Since they have a truck we were able to stay out in Las Penitas longer than usual and got some beautiful sunset shots. Rachel and Charley also have a blog which you can read here: Charley & Rachel in Nicaragua.

Saturday night we started with a pizza at our favorite spot - Antoninos.

Debbie, Annette, Joe, Charley, Rachel and Pat

Pat working on his next level of the dice game we played
Charley, Rachel, Joe and Annette on the beach in Las Penitas

sunset in Las Penitas - February 3, 2013

We had a little technical difficulty this week with the sound system. When they tried to play the opening song the mp3 player wouldn't work. Afraid that we might have to sing a cappella Brad was provided with someones phone that has the music on it - what a relief!
Brad Ramirez providing the music for the meeting
 You never know who or what will show up for a meeting! Here is a dove that decided to join us. Of course, many of us were distracted thinking that it might poop on us or the speakers - but as far as we know nobody got bombed....

Last week we renewed our Visitor's Visa here in Nicaragua so we are set for another 3 months. In May we will have to visit Costa Rica again and since we will be on the Atlantic side we are contemplating crossing in Los Chiles.