Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - February 24, 2013

The last few weeks have been very busy and emotional with preparing for our move to Pearl Lagoon.  Introducing new bible conductors to our Bible Students kept us busy as well as making sure we said goodbye to them all.

Our congregation arranged for a goodbye party for us at Rob and Anne Watchers. It was a fun filled night with lots of good food, friendly conversation and of course dancing!

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Thalia with Lily

lots of yummy food

focaccia bread - yum!

we will miss our new kids!

Rob playing guitar

Hazel, Pilar, Gina and Francinette

Jessica and Michelle

Debbie, Lily and Ashlee

Lydia and Anne


Desmond and Shannon

Lee, Josie, Jessica and Levi

Dancing the night away

The night before we left León we hosted a party for Sergio. In March he is heading out on "La Ruta" and will be assisting a local congregation in Somotillo, Nicaragua. It was also a nice way for us to spend our last night together with our friends here in León - we will miss them all dearly.

Lydia saying goodbye to Pancho

Pancho let Josie pet him

dancing under the stars

Tawny, Sergio, Ryan, Thalia, Tyler, Levi and Taylor

The next day we took on a challenge from Nathan (who thought we were crazy since we hadn't started packing yet) to have all of our things packed by noon. O.K., maybe Nathan didn't actually challenge us, but it was implied....... stay tuned to see how we did