Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - April 13, 2013

Our good friend Kennie Gathuru arrived yesterday for a visit.  It is such a pleasure to see a familiar face from our old congregation in Halifax and to make things even better he brought chocolate!

Kennie came out in service this morning and already has a return visit for tomorrow! This is the first time that we have really worked Pearl Lagoon with magazines (we have been concentrating on the invitation work and tracts up until now) and Pat and I were amazed that we placed 18 between us in a little over an hour. The topic on domestic violence really strikes a chord here in Pearl Lagoon.

Kennie and Honorio - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Kennie, Honorio and Pat - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Debbie, Kennie and Pat - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua