Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - April 6, 2013

There aren't very many transportation options here in Pearl Lagoon. There are a few moto taxis as well as a van that operates as a collectivo but they never seem to be around when you need them. So, since our territory is so widespread we decided that we would get some bikes in Bluefields when we went to pay our rent.  We decided to buy new bikes rather than used ones and there was a good selection throughout town. Well, it's a week later and we've already tested them out and they are definitely a bonus for service. However, you know how some cars are lemons? Well, the saying is true for bikes too. We have only had the bikes for 1 week and Pat has already had to replace/fix his inner tube, chain and washers for his pedals. My bike has been problem free!

riding our bikes in Haulover
chocolate cake

Although Pearl Lagoon does have a bakery for bread and goodies, there isn't a shop that you can order a special cake. It's not that you can't get them - you just need to know who in town makes them. A sister in our congregation happens to be one of them and she makes amazingly delicious cakes - or so we were told. So on April 1st I asked if we could have a chocolate cake made for the next day - the catch was that they had to come over and help us eat it. On April 2nd we enjoyed a delicious velvet chocolate cake with a small group of friends to celebrate our 30th Wedding anniversary.

Pat and Debbie - 30th Wedding Anniversary

 April will be an exciting month for us - we have visitors coming. First up is Kennie Gathuru. We know Kennie from our Spanish congregation in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For the last few months he has been traveling in Peru and up through Central America. We are looking forward to showing him around town.

At the end of the month we are expecting a special visitor from Japan - Chizu Wasa. The timing of her visit is perfect since we will be in Managua on our way to Costa Rica for our visa renewal. Chizu will come with us to spend 3 nights in Costa Rica and then we will bring her back to Pearl Lagoon.

A recent visitor