Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kennie's Visit

Kennie Gathuru stayed with us for a week and he sure was put to good use - in our house as well as in the congregation. Not only did he give the public talk on Sunday but he also gave the exciting part in the Kingdom Ministry School about "Cell Phone Use" - who knew the Question Box could be so fun!

Who knew that he was great at rolling out flour tortillas - I hate to say it but he actually was better at it than me - his were all the right shape and thickness.

Rolling out flour tortillas
Monday is cleaning day and even Kennie couldn't escape the routine. Before Pat took him to Awas swimming he was given the chore of washing the floor - I don't think I have ever done it with a smile......
Washing the floor
Our front porch became "bike fixing central" with tires needing to be fixed (the roads are murder on the tires). What should have been a simple patching job turned into a marathon with new tubes being purchased as well as having to replace the "borrowed" hand pump that broke while we were using it.....

Kennie supervising Pat's work
The night before Kennie left we invited some friends over to enjoy some music and to play "Pass the Pigs".

Kennie and Camille singing

Kennie strumming a few chords

Playing "Pass the Pigs"
We thoroughly enjoyed Kennie's visit and hope he did too!