Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - May 22, 2013

Pat studying with Justin a 12 year old boy

It has been hard to settle back down into a routine because it has become very hot and humid. The rainy season has already begun - or it at least is right around the corner. It's a good thing that we have quite a few studies on the go so that it keeps us motivated.

Speaking of studies, today I conducted my first study in Miskito - well, my householder read the brochure in Miskito and then we discussed it in English. Miss Adelia lives in a small community called Awas which is about a 30 minute walk away. She was so thrilled to have the Good News brochure in her own language and  because Annette, the sister I was working with, brought a bible in Miskito she was also able to read the bible in Miskito too. It was touching to see the way she caressed the bible as if it was the most precious thing she had seen.  We have heard through the grapevine that there will be a Miskito language course next month in Bluefields. We are trying to decide if one or both of us can attend since we have so many who speak Miskito in our area. There is no charge for the language course but we would have to feed and house ourselves for 7 or 8 days - a lot to think about because we have a lot of expenses coming up with the SAD in June and our District Convention in El Salvador at the end of August.

Another development for us is that we have been invited to the Pioneer School in August - the class will be held in Granada. We are really looking forward to attending the school together.

Last Monday we had a congregation picnic in Awas as a going away party for Camille. She will be returning to the US soon for about 3 months. She is hoping to find some work online that will enable her to stay in Nicaragua for longer periods of time. We all will miss her sunny smile very much. When she leaves she will be dividing up all of her studies between the pioneers - so our already busy schedule will be even busier. Anyone want to come and take over her 13 studies until she returns?

In regard to the picnic. When we left the Kingdom Hall on Sunday I was told that we would gather the following morning to leave for Awas at 7 am - hummmm - I've been told that before. We knew that nobody could possibly be ready for 7 am. The next thing I was told was to bring some chips (aka junk food) since people would get hungry from swimming. OK - I can do that. On Sunday evening Camille decided to make cinnamon rolls to take along so that everyone could have a sweet treat - they were delicious.  So, on Monday morning about 8:30 am we all finally arrive at the Blake's home (which is also the Kingdom Hall). When we arrived we found out that the simple picnic had turned into a serious eating event - there was: rice and beans, marinated chicken, cassava, watermelon, mango salad, roasted crab (fresh caught that morning) and finally roasted cashew! We can't wait to see what they bring when they truly plan a picnic!

Here's some pictures from the day.......

 There was so much fun that some of the little ones needed a nap right there on the beach.