Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - June 8, 2013

some kind of beetle
The rainy season is in full swing here in Pearl Lagoon. We've only had 1 day where it rained all day but almost every day now we are having a "rain event" where we get a downpour. The nice thing about rainy season is that everything is so green and vibrant - ok, yes, it is always green and vibrant here because it rains year round. However, it is even more so! With the rain the grass is growing really fast and it seems like all the bugs are growing too! We are finding all kinds of different critters wandering in the house and on the streets. The humidity is increasing and you find yourself sweating buckets. No sooner are you dried off from the shower and you feel like you need to take another one because you are all wet with sweat. The heat also saps your energy and a little siesta in the afternoon is really necessary.

no idea what this is - but it is colourful

Pancho seems to have recovered from his little "accident" and is back to his old self. He has a permanent "bald" spot on his head where we can see his scalp but there are new feathers growing around the edges which is encouraging. He has developed his own routine for bedtime and hates when he gets delayed. Shortly after 5 pm you will see him prancing around on the top of his cage like he is agitated. If the light is off in the living room then he will fly down to the ground, walk over to where his nighty-night cage is, climb up by using the blue towel that is covering the cage and then find his way inside. If we are around at bedtime then he likes to have us put him in the cage and tuck him in for the night. When we come home from the meetings on Thursday nights he is already in bed and he hates it when we make too much noise and disturb him - he has to come out and complain! We had been told that if Pancho slept in a covered cage he would sleep in longer in the morning - they forgot to tell him that! He is up singing with all the other birds by 5:30 a.m. most mornings.... so much for retirement and sleeping past that 6 a.m. alarm!

Pancho's nighty-night cage

Last week, during one of the afternoon service arrangements, Honorio had a difficult time splitting up the group. There were 5 of us (which would mean someone had to work alone) but we all had studies at the same time and in different areas of town - I believe there were 11 studies being conducted that afternoon. It meant that he could only make up one pair and the other 3 had to work alone. We all have so many studies that it is getting more and more difficult to work house to house. Honorio will be returning to Mexico for 3 months after the SAD next weekend which means that Pat will be picking up his studies too! We are crazy busy these days - and we like it that way!

Yvette (bible study) and daughter

The group last Saturday waiting for the rain to stop

The 1/2 hour downpour last Saturday morning

We have a new student on the Theocratic School. Yoley had her first part last Thursday but unfortunately I didn't have my camera to record the event.