Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - June 26, 2013

There are times when we really wonder if we are just living on a big farm. Not a day goes by when we encounter some "farm animals" let on the loose throughout the town. There are pigs in peoples yards, chickens running everywhere, the cows decide to visit Pearl Lagoon from Raitipura (the Miskito village nearby) and the horses decide to chomp the grass in front of our house! We are forever stepping over piles of poop! If we ever take a trip back home I'm not quite sure what we will report on the Customs form when it asks if we have visited a farm during our time away......

Looking out from our front porch

The rainy season is taking some time to adjust to. Somehow last year in León it didn't seem too difficult to cope with; maybe I'm just forgetting (it happens when you get older). We definitely need to invest in some serious boots. Even though we do have "plastic" shoes the water is really high in some areas and the mud - well, there is no describing the mud except to say it's everywhere and lots of it - therefore the need for boots. One thing I can say - our letter writing skills will improve since there are times that it is impossible to go out.

On one of our Bible Studies a couple of weeks ago we learned that even though the locals speak English it is important to have the right accent. I was discussing lesson #3 in The Good News from God brochure - question #1. Miss Hercelita is getting up there in age - I'm not sure how old she is but she's getting up there and as she says "her eyes don't work too good" - so I read all of the paragraphs. As I'm reading out load she follows along by repeating most of what I'm saying. So, when I read that 40 men helped to write the bible the conversation when like this:

Miss Hercelita: "What you say? Fawr men wrote the bible?".
Me: "No mam. Fooorty men wrote the bible."
Miss Hercelita: "Fawrteen men?"
Me: "No man. Fooorty men."
She still didn't get it so Pat chimed in: "Fawrty men wrote the bible".
Miss Hercelita: "Oh, fawrty - that's what I thought".

I'm glad to say that when we visited her this week she still remembered the statistics from that paragraph - there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her memory!

Bible studies house during a downpour

On Sunday we all made it to the Kingdom Hall and enjoyed the program. When it was time to go home the sky just opened up and so the Blakes had some extended time with the congregation. The kids were restless after sitting during the program, so once the chairs were put away they entertained themselves by dancing, doing cartwheels and generally having a good time. Unfortunately, the action pictures didn't turn out very well, but you can see that they had a good time from  the still pictures I managed to take.




hamming it up

Katrine, Pat, Chase and Katiel

With all the rain we have had to set up a couple of areas to dry out clothes. The porch works quite well most days - unless there is a lot of wind and then the rain just blows in and soaks the clothes. We have had to resort to putting lines up in the extra bedroom but of course it takes days for them to dry in there because there is no breeze. I can see why some people have clothes dryers here because if you aren't careful your clothes get moldy before they have a chance to dry. Still, I am very grateful that I don't have to wash my clothes by hand in the pila like most of the women here. You can see them washing in the rain and getting totally drenched - not fun at all!

Clothes on the porch

Bird Talk:
 Pancho continues to be a real hoot - ok, a chirp since he isn't an owl. We have tried to get him to eat fruit other than banana but he usually will just ignore it. Well, we gave him a banana that wasn't quite ripe enough to his liking and he wouldn't eat it. Instead of buying him a riper on I found a ripe mango in the yard and peeled a little back to see what he would do with it. To our surprise he dug right in! It seems like he prefers to have his mango whole rather than chopped into pieces.

Pancho eating his mango

When Chizu was visiting she asked us if we ever gave Pancho any fruit juices. We never had but decided to see if he would drink orange juice. We have found out that he loves orange juice (it can't be watered down or he will dump it out) and he will get all antsy until we give him his cap full. It's surprising how demanding a little bird can be.
Pancho drinking his orange juice