Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Preparing for the Convention in San Salvador

Delicious carrot cake
Preparing to attend the annual convention requires a lot of planning and extra work for the brothers and sisters in Nicaragua - Pearl Lagoon is no exception. Their options for obtaining extra money here is very limited but they are very resourceful and put their many talents to work. One of the talents that many of them possess is their skills in the kitchen. 
Yadira (Yaya) and Jean Blake spend many hours in the kitchen preparing food for sale even when there isn't a convention coming - this is one way they bring income into the home. Yaya is well known in town for her delicious cakes and has many requests for different flavors such as banana, chocolate, carrot or even a simple white cake (trust me - they are all good!)

This past week they have started to add extra "cooking/selling" days into their busy schedules (they are both regular pioneers). For example, yesterday they made a delicious dinner of Chinese Rice, salad and plantain. They were up very early in the morning to start their preparations and by 12:00 noon they were busy distributing the "pre-ordered" meals. They sold a whopping 40 dinners and figure that after expenses they cleared over 1,000 cordobas which is about $44.00 CDN.  These industrious sisters will continue to have extra "cooking/selling" days until they leave for the convention.  We are happy to assist them by eating what they make. We will likely add quite a few pounds between then and now!

Chinese rice, salad and fried plantain