Monday, July 15, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - July 15, 2013

The last few weeks seem to have just flown by. We now have bible studies on every day except Monday. Monday is supposed to be our day "off" but it is filled with cleaning the house and having our Family Worship so it seems like ages since we went for a swim! (do you hear a tone of "oh, pity me"?) I sometimes wonder how we ever had the time to work?? Oh, yeah - we weren't pioneering then!

So, we were disappointed in regard to the class to learn Miskito. It was changed from June to start the end of July. If we signed up for it then we would be two weeks in the Miskito language class and then directly into our two week Pioneer school and then the following week in El Salvador. Unfortunately, the Miskito class was abandoned for now. We have found some online resources to learn Miskito and just have to apply ourselves to it - hummm, hopefully we will do better than when we tried to learn Spanish!

Last Friday we took a break from service and helped a sister in our hall build her house. It was an overcast, day with rain showers - so it was pretty good for "hard" labor. We were able to help "stick" a few bricks and then fill the gaps with cement. It's interesting that people make their own cement bricks here - that way they are sure of the quality.

Anthony, Nameisha, Yoli, Jean and Pat taking a break (one of many!)

Debby, Jean, Pat, Yoli and Chase (in the hat)

Pat and Byron "sticking" bricks
Debbie filling the cracks
We were surprised when we first moved here that at times it was hard to find fish for dinner. Now, the fish are abundant. There is a new shack at the Point where the local fishermen bring their catch and if you get to him before he sells it to Mr. Sudland you can get a good deal!

fishing operation down at the Point - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

 Finally, I took this last picture just a couple of days ago - isn't he looking good?

Pat Polden - July 2013