Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua - September 21, 2013

Pat, Jean, Kathy, Jamie, Debbie, Hayley and Amy

So, we are a couple of weeks into the new service year and we are happy to say that there are a few new faces in Pearl Lagoon. The first to arrive were Amy Salton and Hayley McKleaine fresh from Australia. They are here for 6 months and are quickly settling in. The next arrivals were Jamie and Randy Hendershot from Texas, USA. Jamie and Randy have sold everything back home and plan to be here in Nicaragua indefinitely.

Changes are coming for us - we are moving again! This time we aren't moving to far - in fact, we probably can move most of our things with a wheelbarrow. Shortly after October 1st we will be moving into the house where the Kingdom Hall is. The house will never win any beauty contests but, since the Blake family (they are currently living there) is only weeks away from finishing building their house and will be moving out, the Kingdom Hall needs new tenants. We volunteered to move in so that there would be no problems for the congregation to continue holding their meetings there. I may be looking for ideas to "spruce" the place up a bit - so put your thinking caps on! (remember though, we are on a tight budget) I'll post pictures of the house when we are settled.

Amy and Hayley on the way to Raitipura

Amy and Hayley enjoying their first coconut