Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We've found Pancho!

We had given up looking for Pancho and didn't think that we would ever see him again. I had pictured him with a new family (either bird or human) and hoped that he was happy. So.... you will never believe where we found him - at one of my bible studies in Awas! Where is Awas? It is a 30 minute walk away - one of the Miskito communities along the lagoon.

It appears that when Pancho made his big getaway he ended up in the "savannah" which is a swampy area between Pearl Lagoon and Raitipura (another Miskito community). Miss Hazel's grandson was in the rice field at the savannah and found this little bird (Pancho) sitting on the ground. He was afraid that the bird couldn't take care of itself so he picked it up and took it to Miss Hazel's daughter Ildelia to look after it. So... the crazy part of this story is that both Miss Hazel and Miss Ildelia are my bible studies!

Last week when I went to study with Miss Ildelia I heard Pancho in her house chirping and asked her if she had a chocoyo. She told me that her nephew had brought her the bird and that she had had it for about a month. My partner and I went in to see the bird and had a good laugh because it acted "just like Pancho" - we didn't really get a good look at it because the room was dark and so we didn't know that it really was Pancho.

Today when I went for the bible study I saw the bird was outside. I commented about how our bird had done the same thing - plucked out it's chest feathers. Then I took a closer look at the bird and could see the "bald spot" on the bird's head and I knew it was Pancho! I think he was actually happy to see me!

Our next step in this saga is to try and find a "replacement" for Pancho so that we can bring him home!

Debbie with Pancho

Mr Orlando and Miss Ildelia with Pancho (notice her bible?)