Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

Writing letters at the Kingdom Hall
Where did September go? I can't believe that today is the first of October. September ended up being a fairly rainy month and there were a number of days that we had to dedicate at least part of it to letter writing. I must admit that I enjoyed being able to sit down for a morning rather than tramp around in the rain. I'm afraid that at times there was a little more "chatting" going on than writing! I guess it was a good excuse to get to know our new brothers and sisters better.

September seemed to be a difficult month to settle back into routine with our studies. Many of them have taken advantage of the "shrimping" season to earn a little extra money and so haven't been available. Now that the season is over we should be able to get everyone back on track.

I really enjoyed the part last week on the service meeting "How did we do last year?". The figures for our small congregation were staggering! For a congregation of 11 people we had the following totals: 6,345 hours in the ministry, 215 books, 554 brochures, 2,431 magazines, 3,293 return visits and 525 bible studies (7 pioneers and 4 publishers).

The savanah between Pearl Lagoon and Raitipura

kids playing in a canoe

Nora - she joined us for our service arrangement

As a special treat Kathy prepared roasted turtleback. We all went to her house yesterday at noon to have a taste - it was soooo good! She also made some cassava (yuca) and banana to accompany it. Yum!

The hungry crowd!

Katiel making sure she doesn't miss out!

Haley and Amy enjoying the company

Kathy's dogs get the leftovers

Chase and Katiel having a ride on Byron's bike