Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halifax, Nova Scotia - October 30, 2013

Yes, you read that heading correctly. We are unexpectedly back in Canada. Last week Pat broke down and saw a doctor in Bluefields. During the examination it was determined that he had some medical issues that needed to be investigated further and the doctor recommended that we return to Canada. Since our tourist visa was due to expire on October 28th (we were due to visit Costa Rica) it made sense to schedule our trip for that date. We had only a couple of days to pull everything together and by Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. we were on the bus heading out of Pearl Lagoon. We spent a relaxing day at the Best Western Las Mercedes in Managua on Sunday in preparation for our flight home on Monday - to COLD Halifax. We were very grateful for the warm jackets that awaited us when we arrived.

Tuesday was spent reactivating our NS Health Insurance and a trip to the Halifax ER. During the hospital visit we learned that Pat does not have TB (which the doctor in Bluefields suspected) and some further investigative tests are in the works. We will keep everyone updated when we find out. We are hoping that Pat's medical issues can be resolved quickly and that we will soon be heading back to Pearl Lagoon.

Fenelia, Honorio, Kathy and Katiel
We had only started settling into our new home before we left, but we already had some excitement. Since we live so close to a field many little "field mice" like to make our home their home - we aren't too happy with that arrangement. We - or should I say Pat - managed to trap a few of the furry little creatures, but one morning at the field service arrangement I was putting my bible back into my service bag when a mouse jumped out of it and made a getaway. Thankfully the little guy hadn't been in my bag for any length of time and I was happy that he didn't decide to make his getaway while I was at someones house having a bible study.

Before we left Pearl Lagoon we were happy to welcome Honorio back to the congregation - it was nice to hear his cheerful whistle.

We managed to capture a few pictures of the congregation during our last meeting:

Pearl Lagoon Congregation - October 24, 2013

Pearl Lagoon Congregation - October 24, 2013