Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Hand

Four fingers, one thumb – that’s how many days we have before take-off. Many people are surprised that we are both still working but I think that if we had finished work already we would be driving our hosts crazy – let alone having more time to dwell on any anxieties we might have. We are pretty much ready for our move. We have one suitcase that we haven’t weighed yet, so that is on the agenda for today. Other than some clothes that we don’t want to pack until the last minute we don’t have much to do.

We have really appreciated being able to stay with friends for this last month – It has helped us get our affairs in order.  Being able to close up the apartment and getting our deposits back early has been helpful and means that we won’t have to make any special banking arrangements.  I think that they will be glad to have the place to themselves though. It has been a tough month for them – there have been many kitchen casualties that they weren’t expecting – garlic press, pasta hook, and kitchen shears – what will be next? We are on kitchen duty tonight – so who knows…..

UPDATE: the suitcase has been weighed – it is a whopping 57lbs. So, since we haven’t packed all of the essential clothes the question is – What is going to get the boot?