Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready, Set - Go!

Ready: Well, we certainly have been getting “ready” for this day for some time. Friday was Debbie’s last day of work, but good old Pat worked until late on Saturday night helping his company with their inventory. What a trooper!

Pat with luggage in Halifax

We scaled down our bags some more, taking out some things that we thought we could do without or purchase when we get to Nicaragua. We made arrangements to view our new house on Wednesday and it sounds like the internet might be installed for when we arrive. We confirmed our reservations for Tuesday and Wednesday nights….. so, everything seems to be in place!

Set: We took the suitcases to Pat’s work and weighed them on the commercial scales. After some re-sorting we were happy with the results – 49, 50, 50 & 50.  I don’t think we could have squeezed anything in for that last 1lb.

Go: We woke up this morning to a little snow storm and I am presently typing this update from Miami International Airport. So, it looks like we got the GO part down well.  We are waiting on our final flight at 5pm and then we will be in our new home country – NICARAGUA!

Halifax - Tuesday morning

Miami - Tuesday afternoon

We are on the lookout for one of our bags. While we were waiting to board in JFK Pat observed 3 of our bags be loaded into the plane.  We hope the 4th bag made it too! If not Pat will have to wear the clothes on his back tomorrow! yuck....