Monday, May 14, 2012

León, Nicaragua - May 14, 2012

It's surprising how settled we are and our weeks are becoming very routine. A new thing to get used to now that it is "rainy" season are the bugs - no, I'm not talking about mosquitoes. There are these bugs that I've heard called "chichas" but you may know them as "cicadas". They seem to be attracted to lights so as soon as it gets dark and the lights are turned on you get a couple of them flying in for a visit. Now, these have to be some of the dumbest (but kinda big) bugs I have ever seen. They will come into the room and fall onto the ground - usually on their backs. They will lie on the ground, madly flapping their wings to try and get back up all the while making a huge racket. Pat can easily remove these critters by grabbing it by the wings and throwing it outside.  It is surprising how loud they are especially when they decide to investigate the Kingdom Hall during a meeting - very distracting trying to make sure it doesn't land in your hair or lap...yuck! There also some rather large beetles that are taking a liking to our little house.... they get removed pretty quickly too but I'm left to wonder what critters come into the house at night when I am sleeping or while we are out gadding around???? Humm, probably better not to think to hard on this one....
Pat & Frank loading the truck

Our neighbours, Frank, Karin and Maria Fernanda, have moved to a new house - so you could say that the apron strings have been cut and we are now left to fend for ourselves. Frank really was a great help in helping us get settled and we will miss our daily chats. They haven't moved too far - in fact we will pass their house every time that we go to the Kingdom Hall - so I'm sure that we will continue to see quite a bit of them. Also, they are eager to continue their studies, so that is good.

We continue to head over to the UCC to use their swimming pool. More and more of our friends are joining us for a swim and if we don't let everyone know in advance that we are going we get a scolding for not telling them so that they can join us! I think from now on we will be sending out a mass email to let everyone know when swim time is.

We are looking forward to the return of Brad and Lydia Ramirez later this week. They have been in the US for about a month taking care of business. It will be nice to have them back.

Pollo Asado
Every Sunday for the last couple of months some of the neighbourhood ladies have been getting together and putting on a lunch "Fritanga". Yesterday we decided to have a closer "look" or should I say taste. Their menu usually consists of three different types of meat dishes and a soup of the day. On the menu yesterday was: Carne Baho, Pollo Asado and Lengua en Salsa. Everything looked delicious - even the Lengua (which is tongue!) We took two heaping plates of Pollo Asado back home to enjoy - you can be sure that we will be back.

Pat - Chairman

Raining cats & dogs!

1/2 hour later brilliant sunshine