Saturday, May 19, 2012

León, Nicaragua - May 19, 2012

The almost unbearable heat has finally given way to cooler temperatures and fresh breezes. That only means that we've had temperatures down to about 26 in the mornings. Today has been the first day that I have been able to sit at the computer and not "need" to have the fan on. 
Storm clouds
It seems that the rainy season has given the ants the idea that they need new accommodations - our house! Either that or there is more for them to clean up - dead flies etc.... I'm sure there is a good reason for these ants - they are voracious little beasts - we just wish they would stop trying to see if we are dead or alive! We are tired of having our feet bitten!
Funeral Passing by the house
A funeral passed by our house yesterday. The usual procedure is that the night before a sound car goes around the neighbourhood and tells people that the person has died and what the arrangements are for the funeral. After the ceremony at the church the casket is loaded onto the back of a truck and is driven through the neighbourhood with family and friends walk beside and behind the truck. The casket is taken to the local cemetery.
Pat's new service bag

I think I have mentioned this before, but since we have moved here Pat and I have been loosing weight. It finally got to the point that Pat had to buy some new clothes because everything was getting too big. We found a really nice second hand store in town and Pat was able to stock up on some dress shirts, ties and a pair of pants. He even found a great new service bag for less than $2.50.  As for me - thank goodness for skirts with elastic waste bands!

While Pat was out in the ministry today he and his partner were doing census. A man noticed them walking by and said "hi" to them - they asked if he spoke English and the fellow said he did. As the conversation progressed the invitation for frijoles was extended. Pat politely refused, well because eating beans produces unwanted results. Enough said! However, his partner had no problem with that, so into the back yard they went. There they sat with the kids and chickens and the noisy rooster. While their hosts prepared the food Nathan continued to talk to the man about the bible and left a magazine with him. The man sent one of the kids to go get some cuajada cheese.  When the kid returned the host did some more preparation and presented to them a really hot tortilla with some cheese on it - delicious The food was appreciated - both the spiritual and the physical.

Pat enjoying the breeze while practicing a talk