Monday, May 7, 2012

León, Nicaragua - May 7, 2012

We are officially in the rainy season or Winter here in Nicaragua (imagine Winter when it is still 30 plus degrees!) It's not unusual to wake up during the night and realize that it is raining. Not necessarily a huge thunder and lightning event but a steady down pour that lasts for a couple of hours. When you wake up in the morning the air seems fresh. However, when it rains during the daytime it only seems to increase the heat and humidity..... I prefer when it rains at night.

With the rainy season there is a noticeable decline in my dryers effectiveness. When we first moved here I would take a load out of the washing machine and hang it on the line and by the time the next load was washed my laundry on the line was dry. Now it takes about two hours for the laundry to dry on the line, plus you have to be vigilant in case it starts to rain. So far we haven't had to resort to hanging the laundry inside put we are prepared just in case.

Saturday was the wedding of our good friends Jonathan and Jessica ... We wish them much happiness in their new life together!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Managua with Nathan, Ashlee and their baby Liliana. First we went to the Metrocentro Mall which was a real treat. I haven't been to a mall like that since we left Halifax so it was fun to do something "normal". Although we didn't check out all the stores on this trip I'm sure we will be back. We did however check out the Gelato - simply to die for. So, if you come to visit us, a trip to the Metrocentro Mall will definitely be on the agenda!

PriceSmart, Managua
When we left the Mall we went to the home of a Missionary couple who will be leaving Nicaragua and are moving to Guadalajara, Mexico. They have been asked to relocate there to help with the Business territory. This is much different than the business territory that most congregations work at. This couple ONLY preach to the top officials with the companies. Most of these high ranking officers live in very secure gated communities and can only be contacted at their place of work. This couple dress in "professional business attire" and with only a small portfolio visit the large corporate offices in the territory. They have had great success in Managua and look forward to their new assignment in Mexico. We spent a good 1/2 hour checking out the items that they had for sale and managed to get a large backpack that we can use on our upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

Once we left the Missionary Home we went to the local PriceSmart. This is similar to a Costco in Canada. Although Pat and I were "only looking" we still managed to pick up a few items. I doubt that we will get a membership here since it is quite a distance from León, but we wouldn't hesitate to tag along if we get invited again.

Fresh Guacamole
Avocados are in season which means that fresh Guacamole is on the menu. Pictured here is the type of Guacamole that we customarily had in Mexico - we enjoyed it with tortilla chips for lunch.   However, I've learned that they make it a little differently here in Nicaragua. Here they add cooked eggs to the avocados. Here is a link to a YouTube video on how to make it: Nicaraguan Guacamole . Enjoy it in a fresh tortilla for lunch.