Monday, October 22, 2012

León, Nicaragua - October 22, 2012

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day! October has turned out to be the rainiest month yet. It will rain for hours through the night and then rain again during the daytime. Unfortunately, it doesn't care if we are out in service or not. It's not unusual to be caught in a downpour. The nice thing is - it doesn't usually last very long. The downside is you are usually already soaked and the roads have little rivers running through them because the storm drains can't handle all of the water. Oh, well. At least it's warm rain!

On the way to the meeting on Sunday we were walking past the house where we usually pick up our lunch after the meeting. The problem lately has been that we have a study directly after the meeting and we don't head home until about 12:30 - buy this time they have sold out of everything. As we are checking out the sign - hopeful that there might be something left over for us one of the ladies - Anna - asks us what we want to have and they will keep it for us until we come by! We managed to score some Pollo Asado - our favorite. Sure enough, it was waiting for us - all labeled so that nobody could think it was for anyone else.

We had movie night at our place to prepare for the video part on the Theocratic School "Young People Ask - How Can I Make Real Friends". We invited all the young ones in the congregation but only 3 could make it . We enjoyed the movie as well as some pop and homemade Plantain chips.

Sergio, Fanny and Mariela

So... all you eagle eyes - Here we are out in service last week. Who can spot the recent change? First person to come up with the right answer wins an ice cream at Eskimo! Trick is - you have to come to León to get it!

Debbie, Pat, Brad and Lydia

Pancho is settling in and is a little more receptive to us. Not all lovey dovey yet but we are growing on him. Good thing he loves bananas because he will let us feed him and will "step-up" at least once a day. So far he will only do this for Lydia and Debbie - hopefully he will let Pat feed him to.  The other night we were enjoying a nice spaghetti dinner with some fresh bread from the local bakery - Pan Y Paz  when Pancho flew onto the table to get his share. He is becoming quite the "family bird" as long as we don't touch him. He is practicing flying more and more and pretty soon he'll want to go outside so we'll have to be really careful or he'll be gone!