Saturday, October 27, 2012

León, Nicaragua - October 27, 2012

It's only been 4 months but we have finally finished searching for English speakers in La Paz Centro. There are already 4 bible studies in progress but now the task will be to call back on all the interest.. While we were finishing up the last couple of blocks we came across this interesting tree. It is a Jicaro Tree and here in Nicaragua they use it to make a drink called Semilla de Jicaro.

Jicaro Tree

For the last few weeks plans have been underway to celebrate Brad and Lydia's wedding anniversary. Personally, I think the kids just wanted an excuse to get together and party! Thanks Brad and Lydia for giving them a good reason!

So... this wasn't just a quick "lets get together on Friday" plan... No, this was a full out fiesta at Poneloya Beach. They arranged to have a Pelibuey slaughtered and cooked for the occasion and then made arrangements for the rest of the meal (potato salad, tortillas, cupcakes and pop). They organized rides for everyone to and from the beach and somehow they managed to keep the rain at bay! The evening was a huge success - everyone had a great time. Good job guys!

Decorating the rancho

Hanging baloons

Hanging decorations

Beach scenes from Poneloya, Nicaragua

Sergio Sr and Ruth

Michelle with the restaurant in the background

kitchen activity

The happy couple: Brad and Lydia

Dinner: Pelibuey, potato salad and tortilla - yumm

Talia, Fanny and Amanda preparing the plates

Brad and Lydia recreating their wedding dance

Dogs trying to get a bite of the delicious meat

Ben and Marissa

Erica, Natalie and Lenin

Tom and Theresa

Desmond and Shannon

Talia, Elga, Mariela, Fanny and Elfa

Michelle, Miguel and Gina

our very own Vanna! (aka Scarlett)

Gustavo and Octavio

Pat and Debbie

Sergio Sr & Jr

Sergio and Marcia

Sergio Sr and Sandra