Sunday, October 7, 2012

León, Nicaragua - October 7, 2012

meet Pancho our little rescue Chocoyo

We finally have a tenant for our bird cage. This little guy has had a tough go of it. He found his way to a friend of ours backyard and it was obvious that he couldn't take care of himself and needed a new home. We have decided to call him Pancho. He is a little stressed right now and has been pulling out his feathers on his chest. I read that this could be a sign of "stress". After we "stuffed" him into a small cage he endured a bus ride where he was the center of attention with the little kids. Once I got him home we couldn't convince him to move into the larger cage and literally had to pull him off his perch and put him into his new home.

We have discovered that he likes bananas and his new wooden perch. He always calls back when he hears the rooster crow from behind our house. He also responds whenever Pat whistles to him. We hope that he will eventually perch on our fingers and will stop biting us.....