Monday, October 1, 2012

León, Nicaragua - September 24, 2012

yummy cake
The last few weeks have been really busy.  We have been settling into our new routine of pioneering and really enjoying it. Our schedule now leaves Monday as the only day that we aren't out in service for at least part of the day. Unfortunately, after the assembly I got sick - like quite a few in our congregation. In order to cheer me up and help me get better some friends brought me a piece of chocolate cake - I must admit I made rapid improvement after I ate it! I'm impressed with anyone who bakes cakes in this climate - I haven't even turned on my oven yet and we have been here for over six months.

We now have some really good, reliable bible studies which helps us to enjoy our service and makes the days go by quickly. We are constantly amazed at how many people read their bibles here. As we are walking along the streets we often see people sitting in the doorway reading their bibles - and also many of our publications. Many people want to have a study but it can be a challenge to find them home - even when you have set up appointments with them. On the other hand - some are like Elvis (one of Pat's studies) who can't wait for us to come back and asks if we forgot about him if we are only a few minutes late!

Papaya Tree
The days are shorter now than when we first arrived and it gets dark about 6:00 pm. The days are still warm but it is definitely cooler at night and sleeping isn't much of a problem. Out in the garden, our papaya tree is still growing and we now have a baby papaya growing and there are still some more blossoms on the tree - so we are hoping for more. I would like to say that the papaya is flourishing due to our skills but that really isn't the case. All we did was throw the seeds into the ground. We are thinking of trying to plant a banana tree but need to find someone who can give us a sucker from their plant. The fire ants seem to have moved out of the garden since we sprinkled the laundry soap so we can now hang up the laundry without being bitten to death.

room for rent
We have decided to add to our family and have purchased a bird cage. When we first arrived here we saw many little Chocoyo's for sale (they are a green parakeet) and thought they were really cute. However,after walking all over town it seems as though it isn't the season for baby Chocoyo's - there aren't any for sale! We'll have to keep looking and will keep you updated when our "baby" arrives.

In Nicaragua, or at least in León - they just recently celebrated a couple of holidays and festivals. There have been marching bands, fireworks and what we call "bombas" (no lights just a loud noise). On our street today there are many houses that are decorated for yet some other festival - this one seems to be for Mary. We think that there will be a procession down our street tonight because everyone is outside and seem to be "in expectation".

Papaya Tree blossom

Marching band

Watching video-Young People Ask-What will I do with my Life?

Fanny, Elfa & Mariela - finishing the night with a song

Street food

Tired after a long morning preaching