Monday, December 10, 2012

León, Nicaragua - December 10, 2012

We have had the Witnessing Table set up in a new location this week - across from La Merced Church. This location has proved to be even better than outside of La Union grocery store. The foot traffic along this stretch of road is phenomenal as well as the vehicle traffic - especially when things slow down. All the taxi drivers and their passengers get a good look at us. We now have a couple of nice posters that draw even more attention to our message and we are having good results. The majority of the interest still seems to be with the locals but more and more foreigners are stopping to take a look too. In our first week 4 bible studies were requested - this week we had 3 bible studies requested in one morning! We are looking forward to continuing this arrangement.

Pat and Debbie at the Bible Information Table - Nicaragua

For the last month we have enjoyed the company of 6 young ladies from the US - Skye, Callie, Cheyene, Jacklyn, Chelsea and Renee.  They have been a joy to have in the congregation. Their enthusiasm for the ministry has been infections and has set a good example - especially putting themselves out by making return visits at the householders convenience even if it is 6:30 am!

Just before they headed home this week we had an enjoyable day touring the Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve with them along with Anne and Rob Watcher. Here are some pictures from the day.

Rob, Chyene, Jacklyn, Callie, Skye, Renee

yes - he turned into a prince, but he was still crabby!

Nelson, a brother from Las Penitas was our captain
scouring the rocks for treasures

Callie, Chelsea, Skye and Renee holding baby turtles

surfing lesson

In the afternoon we met up with some others in the congregation and had a volleyball game.

sunset on another beautiful day
Final picture of the 3 sisters and Lily before Skye and Callie left for home.
Skye, Lily, Callie and Ashlee