Sunday, December 16, 2012

León, Nicaragua - December 16, 2012

We had a party last night..... I know what you're going to say, (is all you ever do - party??) but this one was for a good cause. Every year the Mexico branch sends out a letter inviting people to participate in "La Ruta". La Ruta is like doing unassigned territory. You can sign up for a period of 1-6 months (from January to June) and you must either regular or auxiliary pioneer for this assignment. This year we had two of our publishers sign up for La Ruta - Fanny Morán and Sergio Espinoza.  They both signed up for a period of one month. Last night's party was for Fanny since she will be heading out for her assignment in January. Sergio has to wait until February for his party since his assignment is for March!


Fanny is 21 and has been baptized for 6 years. She has just completed her secular education and has been working part time teaching English. This is her first time heading out on La Ruta. Her assignment is in El Madroño which is 1 hour north of Managua heading up towards Estelí on the Pan American Highway. The congregation that she will be assisting will enjoy the assistance of 20 brothers and sisters over the 6 month period. She was told that there are a number of small towns that they will be preaching in during her one month assignment.

The evening was filled with lots of fun and some dancing. Brownies, cookies, chips and fruit salsa were enjoyed by all. A group played a crazy game called Mafia and you could hear their laughter over the volume of the music. In the end the Mafia won - the good guys will have to wait for the next time.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Lily, Ashlee, Talia, Elfa and Erica

Talia and Lily

Talia, Natalie and Lily

Lenin, Nathan and Desmond hanging out on the front step

Hazel, Francinette, Shannon and Fanny playing Mafia
playing Mafia

Lydia and Natalie enjoying the music

Erica and Lenin

Even Pancho got in on the fun. Here is Brad coaxing Pancho into a little dance.

So, we will have a break from the parties for a while. Next week is an exciting one for us because we will have the Pioneer meeting in Ticuantepe on Friday. Both of us have small parts on the program. Then on Saturday and Sunday we will have our Circuit Assembly in the same location. This means that we will have to get up very early on all three days to be at the Kingdom Hall for the transportation that has been provided.  We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones....