Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Graduation - Sergio and Amanda!

Graduation day is an important milestone in everybody's life - Nicaragua is no exception. We were recently invited to the Graduation celebration for a young brother in our congregation - Sergio - and his sister Amanda who graduated at the same time.

We knew it would be a special event when we were handed printed invitations (we usually just do word of mouth to invite people to parties) and so we were really excited to be included.

Sergio and Amanda
Sergio, his parents and Amanda
 The family had been preparing for days. First they served everyone a delicious fruit punch while we waited for all of the guests to appear. After a prayer, the family served a plate of fried chicken, rice and bun as well as bottles of pop. Later in the evening they brought around plates of a delicious stew and rice. It was so good that I want to get the recipe but I don't want it to feed a 100!

A delicious stew for a crowd

What better way to finish a meal than some cake.....
there was a his and hers cake

The living room was all decorated and set up for the meal
Overflow seating outside

Once everyone had eaten plenty it was time to have fun.
tables cleared away for the dancing

We had a great time with Sergio and his family and wish Sergio and Amanda all the best in the future.