Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beach Day!

Thursday was our first beach day since we arrived. As we were getting ready to go out the door, Claro showed up to hook up the TV and internet. We decided to wait until they were finished before we left for the beach - which was about 11:15. Since we were running behind schedule (yeah I know what you are thinking - Schedule for the beach???) we decided to take the bus from our corner into downtown and then take another bus out to Sutiava to catch the bus that goes to the beaches.  What we hadn't considered in regard to the time is that many students would be heading home and that the buses would be packed. Think of sardines and then add another half a can to the lot - that's how many people were squished onto the bus.  Have I mentioned what these buses are like? Most of them are old American school buses that have found a new lease on life down here - transporting far more people than you can imagine. You really have to be comfortable being in close proximity to your neighbour if you take these buses because there really isn't any concept of personal space. was all worth it when you get to the end of the line and this is what you find.....
View from Barca De Oro Hostal

One reason we wanted to visit Las Peñitas today was some friends were visiting Nicaragua from Halifax, Nova Scotia and we knew they would be in town. The plan was to meet them at their hotel and then get some lunch and head to the beach.  However, when we got to the Suyapa Hotel they were out walking. Pat was hungry so we decided to try and find them and also scout out somewhere for lunch. We didn't find Pam and Arnie but we did find Barca De Oro Hostal that had a nice restaurant overlooking the estuary.  We sat down, ordered lunch and started to relax.  It wasn't long and Pam found us and joined us. Lunch was very good and I learned a very valuable lesson - always ask how much the special of the day is. I ordered it - which was shrimp skewers and very yummy - but it was a budget breaking $210 cordabas =  approx. $9.00 CDN

After lunch we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the waves. The current here is very strong and if you aren't careful you get pulled under and you feel like you've gone through wash cycle of the washing machine. Many people have had the sad experience of standing up with their clothes in disarray.

After a swim we hung out at Playa Roca and enjoyed the view and the company of Pam and Arnie.  Pam had arranged for a horseback ride at 4 pm and right on schedule her stead arrived.

We had a great day at the beach but had to head home. We caught the second to last bus back to León at 5:30. We can't wait to do it all again next week!