Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 3rd

We slept really well in our new place, but were still up early. We had some coffee and then cut up some fruit for breakfast. Somehow the morning got away from us and by 8:15 we were rushing out the door to get to the service arrangement.  It only took a few minutes and along the way we were met by a sister in our congregation who lives near us. We only spent about an hour in service but we had a nice time taking a census in a small pueblo outside of the city! Again – Spanish was the order of the day since we had to ask at each door if anyone in the household spoke English. Once we were back from service we headed to the Maxi Pali which is like a Walmart. We bought a lot of things for the kitchen which is almost totally in order now. It felt good to come home and make some lunch. They only thing is we ate first and when we returned to clean up the kitchen the ants were already taking the lead….

First day in Leon English service

After an afternoon siesta we cleaned up and headed into town to see if the store that we found with some nice used furniture was open. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so we went for dinner instead. When we returned and entered the kitchen  we saw that – THE CAT CAME BACK – yup – right there on the wall was the cat’s dirty footprints…..I see a consultation with the neighbour looming in the not so distant future.

Well, that pretty much sums up what has been happening. We are still waiting for the cable and internet to be set up and hope to see that happen soon. We are also hoping to have some more furniture in the next day or two so that we aren’t always sitting in the window seats.

One thing that I forgot to write was that at the service arrangement Pat was asked to say the prayer... nothing like having the welcome mat rolled out!