Thursday, March 15, 2012

Market Day

Today we went down to the large market by the main bus terminal. This is a much bigger market than the central market that we have been going to.... ok, I have to admit, I've been doing most of my shopping at the Pali Supermarket. One of the main reasons we have been shopping at the Pali is because the prices are listed and so there isn't a "Gringo" surcharge. I found that some of the prices at the central market weren't even all that great. So, when a brother in our congregation said that he goes to the market at the terminal on Thursdays we jumped at the opportunity to go with him. This market is huge and you can buy just about anything you are looking for.

We didn't keep exact track of all of our purchases but here is the cost of some of the items we bought: ($1.00 CDN is approx 23.403 Cordobas)
Large watermelon - 20 cordobas
Avacado - 5 cordobas
3 large Mangoes - 15 cordobas
12 limes - 10 cordobas
9 roma tomatoes - 15 cordobas
4 cucumbers - 20 cordobas

With these prices we'll be shopping at this market more often. And in case you are wondering - no, we didn't buy any meat.