Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's been two weeks - the vacation is over....

Ok - we aren't on vacation, but up until now that's the longest we have spent in Nicaragua at a time. So.... what have we accomplished during the past couple of weeks?

We have set up house which has entailed a lot of back and forth to the city center. We only have a couple of major things left on our list to buy (ironing board, printer, TV table) but are managing quite well without them. However, the printer is a must because Pat has been given the Territory assignment and we will need a printer to print them off.

We have used Skype for the first time. So we can keep in touch the modern way - just give us a call.

Sights like this when we are in service have become normal - almost like seeing a cat or a dog. Also, we are getting used to the constant wind and dust. I said used to - not liking....

We have learned to spy out every last spec of shade that is available and therefore have avoided getting sun burnt even when we have been out walking at noon. The application of sunscreen has become part of the morning routine!

Both of us have had some good calls in service and are looking forward to returning to the individuals and discussing more bible subjects with them.

We have had our first visitors from Canada and are looking forward to seeing many more of you.

We are getting around on the bus system and we even found our way to the coast and enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach.

So far our adjustment seems to have been fairly easy and problem free. Shopping is still a bit of a challenge because when we go to the market we don't blend in and are definitely charged "Gringo" prices. Tomorrow some friends are taking us to a new market (new to us) that has cheaper prices and the produce is fresher. I'm looking forward to seeing a different part of the city.

Life is starting to settle into a routine.