Monday, March 19, 2012

This and That

Today is Monday, which means cleaning day. Yes, even in paradise you have to do such mundane things as cleaning. One of the chores is laundry - and do we have it easy.  We have one of these:

most women have to use this:

I was hot and tired just taking the laundry out of the machine and putting it on the line. I can't imagine doing a whole families load of laundry with the stone washboard. 

I must admit, I do like how my "dryer" works....

It's amazing how quickly laundry dries down here. This load would be dry before the next load has finished in the washing machine. Also, there is no charge to use it!

So, after we finished cleaning we headed into town - yes, I know, I'm complaining about the heat and there we are heading in to town during the hottest part of the day..... Anyhow, we needed to check out the price for a printer and pick up some shelving for the bathroom. Those two items were very easy to do.  

The other thing we were looking for was some curtains for our bedroom - this proved to be far more challenging. We went into this one store and asked if they had any curtains for the "living room". What they showed me was a package that contained the outer cloth curtain and the inner plastic curtain for a shower. I tried to explain to them that it was for the "baño but they insisted that it was for the sala and the plastic was just for protection. The packaging was in English - so I'm sure I had this one right.  We escaped the store without buy the "curtain" and we down the street to the "second hand" store. We have been in here a few times looking for furniture and thought we would stop in to see if they had a bookcase. Well, the didn't have any bookcases but I did find a pile of lace curtains.  I managed to get four that were the same and they were only $2.00 a panel.  Now I only need to find a curtain rod... where do you think I might find that???

It appears that Pat is loosing weight down here - he had to buy a new belt.  I'm thinking he is using it as an excuse to get a new one - what do you think?