Friday, March 9, 2012

We have internet!

On Wednesday we came home from using the internet at a friends house and we found a "group" of people in our yard. It took us a minute, but we realized that they were from Claro and were here to hook up the Cable and internet. It seems that this visit was only for "investigation" of what the place was like and what would be needed for the installation. I think there were 4 Claro employees on site.

Skip ahead to Thursday morning. We were preparing to head to the beach when the friendly Claro team arrived. Again, I would say there were about 4 employees in tow. They quickly set up for the TV and asked where the TV was? We of course don't have one yet so we told them where it "will be" in the future. They asked about the internet and we affirmed that yes, we want internet. "Oh, we don't have a modem. We will have to return in the afternoon". We told them that we wouldn't be home because we were heading to the beach. They said that they would be back the next morning.

Skip ahead now to this morning. We figured that they would show by 10........ 10 came and went. Well, maybe by noon??? No, it was gone 4 o'clock. This time there were 6 Claro employees here to hook us up. There was one who actually spoke a little English, which helped when we got to the complicated parts of the install.... well, really, the install wasn't complicated. It went quite smoothly and we found out that we didn't need to bring the router from Canada. That was a nice bonus - but I wonder what I could have brought in it's place???

So, we are really thankful to our landlord who arrange to have the internet and cable connected for us. I know that many phone calls took place in order for it to happen.

Hopefully, we will be able to update the blog more regularly and of course you can get in touch with us by email.
Thanks for following us on this adventure.
Debbie & Pat