Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 2nd

What animal is this?
Today was a big day – moving day in a way. We were ready to roll by 7 am and headed out for breakfast first. When we returned to El Nancite the owner was there and we spoke to him for a while and had a tour of the property. It’s surprising how deep it is. It was a really nice, inexpensive place to stay. We got a taxi to take all of our suitcases to the house. This meant that one of us had to walk because there wasn’t room once all the bags were in! Since it was early and relatively cool I volunteered and met Pat about 15 minutes later – bags all accounted for and we were into our new house. The day was spent finding some of our treasures that had been packed away for a couple of months and I can proudly say that “WE ARE COOKING WITH GAS!” yup! We (with a little help for the neighbour –ok with a LOT of help from the neighbour) called the company to deliver a cylinder of gas. They took our nice brand new one and gave us an older filled one in its place. We swept and washed and set up the bed with the sheets and generally just wore ourselves out. So, after lunch it was siesta time. Later, when I returned to the kitchen I realized by the marks on the wall that we had had a visitor! I of course thought – oh no, we’ve got RATS.  Pat and I looked at the situation and thought that chicken wire might be a solution – but RATS? Do rats jump like that???? When I returned to the living room I saw a cat out of the corner of my eye and then I wondered – could our visitor have been a cat?  We looked at the marks again and dragged our poor neighbour in to show him and we all seem to agree that it is likely the cat.  However much I love cats, I don’t want a stray wandering in and out of my kitchen, especially jumping on the counters. We decided that we would wait and see if the cat would return……

Getting ready for the party

Getting ready for the party
We were invited to a going away party for one of the elders and his wife – they are returning to the US after being here for quite some time. The party was for 6 and we were picked up about 45 minutes early – so we were there really early. There was a good turnout, and just the same as our Spanish congregation back home it was dominated by non-native speakers – so Spanish was the language of the night.  There was music, singing and dancing as well as a few games – all in all a good time. By 8:30 we were ready to call it a night because we were under the wrong impression that there would be some food served and we were starving. No problem – hotdogs were found at the church square.  We were ready to sleep in our own house and our nice new bed – exciting!

Here is the goodbye video for Ben and Alyssa: