Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Night time activities

The 5 days have been a bit of an adjustment for sleeping and not because of the heat.  I think our house has been empty for a while and people have been used to doing whatever and whenever - nothing bad I might add - just life.

The first night in the house I woke up with the noise of someone tapping on the metal gate and calling out to someone in the courtyard/house next door. The poor fellow was told that a new family had moved in and the door was locked. The next night there was a huge cat fight and then later there was the sound of metal tapping on metal.  I assumed it was another one of the students needing to be let in. However, it kept on for at least 1/2 an hour and Pat went out to look but there wasn't anyone there. Apparently, there was someone doing some metal work at about 2 in the morning - it's much cooler then and I'm sure most of the neighbors are used to the noise. It's been a few nights now and I think I am sleeping through most everything. Guess what time the garbage get's put out???? 5 am - yep, you can't put it out the night before because the dogs will get into it, so everyone gets up early and puts the garbage out. I haven't seen one garbage can on the street, although we have seen them in one of the stores.


Living Room set
We finally have a table and chair set (plastic like everyone else down here) as well as a living room set. We have been able to eat at home the past 3 days (all meals) and feel like we are really settling in. We bought a washing machine rather than taking our laundry out to a service or using the utility tub with built in scrubber. The young lady next door (who does laundry everyday for her family and the students that room with them) was amazed at the machine. She does everything by hand - I feel lazy in comparison.

I have to tell you about service yesterday. There were only three of us out - Pat, me and a young sister in the congregation. We were asked to go out to Barrio Ruben Dario which hasn't been worked in two years since they did the census.  So.....imagine the biggest dust bowl possible. The wind was whipping the dirt around so that it was hard to even walk.  People must have thought we were crazy! After about an hour we gave up - it was just too difficult.  When we got back into town we decided to walk back to the house rather than take a second bus - we sure got some funny looks. I couldn't wait to jump in the shower.  Now I know what the "dry season" is all about.

Service today was much better. We were taking a census again but close to the Kingdom Hall. Pat found a couple of English speakers and actually was asked to return. Hopefully, it will turn into a regular return visit.

So, tomorrow is our first beach day. We are off to Las Penitas and hope to meet up with some friends who are visiting from Halifax, Canada - Pam and Arnie. Hope to have some pic's from the day... so, stay tuned!