Friday, March 23, 2012

There is danger on those rocks!

Yesterday was another hot sunny day and we went to Las Peñitas with some friends from the congregation.  First, we enjoyed a nice relaxing drink at Barco de Oro while Brad, Lydia and Colton ate a yummy fish lunch. Pat and I had foolishly eaten an empañada while we waited for the bus to leave the bus station and were too full to eat anything else. The waves were really strong again today and so we only spent a short time in the water.  The rest of the time we relaxed at Playa Roca and people watched. About 4:30 there was a group of about 10-15 people that decided it was a good idea to sit on these rocks and some others close by:
Anyone who has any experience with the ocean knows how dangerous that can be. Suddenly, a big wave crashed into the group of people and pulled them from off the rocks and then pulled them around in the water. There were quite a few injuries and one poor fellow looked as if his wrist was broken. The owners of Playa Roca helped the injured tourists the best that they could but at least two of them required a visit with a doctor.  What a sad way to end a beautiful day at the beach....

So, an update on our service this week: Pat has started a bible study with our neighbour - Frank. Frank has really helped us with settling into our new place and he and his girlfriend have been very hospitable and given us some tasty Nicaraguan dishes to try. They make some awesome frijoles!  So, it turns out that not just Frank wants to study - so does Karen... So we will be able to study with them together....

Today we were out inviting people to the Memorial and forgot to bring some water with us which is a big no no - we need to keep hydrated. So, you know you are one of the locals when you have no problem buying your water from a street vendor and this is how it comes - the cost is only 1 cordaba.

We also decided to treat ourselves with a snow cone. We have seen these vendors in the park and always wanted to try one.  In their carts they have a large block of ice. They have a utensil that "shaves" the ice and then they put the shaved ice into a cup.  Next they add a topping - we chose Tamarindo.  It was sweet and very yummy!