Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 29th....

Friends from breakfast
It was hard to sleep even though we were really tired so we were up early and had a good breakfast at the breakfast buffet. Our driver wasn’t picking us up until 9:30 but we could easily have been on the road an hour earlier. Ernesto was right on time, if not a little early, which got us into Leon before noon. It took us a while to find the Guesthouse El Nancite where we planned to stay. In fact, we asked a Taxi driver and he didn’t know where it was so we stopped at the Hostal Iguana and Pat used the internet to get the location. We checked in and before we knew it we were on our way. A couple in the English congregation had emailed us to say that they were having a yard sale at 1 pm and we wanted to take a look. Since we had been there in the fall we had no trouble finding it again. We were there early, but the sale was in full swing and we didn’t really buy anything that we hadn’t already committed to (toaster oven, hand blender and power regulator). We were able to meet a good number of brothers and sisters there. One couple, Brad and Lydia joined us as we went to check out our new home. We took a good look around and agreed that it was just perfect for us. We have attached a video for you to have a look at it. As we were looking around I noticed that there was a lot of dirt. I mistakenly thought that they hadn’t cleaned it – but now that we have moved in we realized that because it is so windy and the house is open the dirt comes in.  I understand that these winds (which in many ways are good because it is so hot) are normal for this time of year but should die down later. We signed a years lease and agreed that we would move in on March 1st.

After we were finished looking at the house Brad came with us to look at some stores that sell fridges, stoves and beds – you know – the essentials.  We looked at a few and wrote down prices but ended up buy all three at Gallo mas Gallo. The prices didn’t vary too much from one store to the other and we were starting to get tired and needed to make a decision. Along with the items we bought we received the following gifts “transportation to the house, an iron, a little hand food processor and a pressure cooker”. We arranged for them to drop everything off at 11:00 the next morning.  I think they were surprised because the seemed ready to deliver it right then and there.

It was now after 6 and it was time to get something to eat. Brad arranged with Lydia to meet us for pizza and our group of four turned into a group of 7.  The pizza was good but I realized that I hadn’t been drinking enough water – I was starting to get a headache.  We crawled back to the guest house around 9 pm and we got the impression that the attendant thought we must have got lost because we had been gone so long.