Thursday, March 29, 2012

León, Nicaragua - Thursday, March 29, 2012

So, we've been saying that we have been able to cope with the heat, and we have. However, the temperature sure has been turned up a notch or two the past couple of days. The middle of the day is crazy. I can understand why so many foreigners opt for air conditioning. Siestas in the afternoon are almost a necessity because it is too hot to do anything else and the heat is very draining. We have ceiling fans in almost every room and they help considerably.  So far we haven't had any problems with sleeping due to the heat.  We have been introduced to a delicious treat here in Nicaragua - refrescos naturales...
Yes, you are seeing that correctly - Pat is drinking out of a plastic bag. The flavour of this one is calala.  There is a large chunk of ice that keeps it refreshingly cool.  These refrescos come in a variety of flavours such as mandarin, orange, pineapple and mango. The sad part is when most people have finished drinking one of these treats they throw the bag on the ground rather than finding a garbage can.

We have really enjoyed our time in service this week. Pat has conducted two studies now with our neighbour Frank and last night his girlfriend joined in. However, their little girl is quite active and it was decided that Karen would have a separate study with me on Thursday nights and Frank will "babysit". This morning in service we had just finished our territory and were heading home when a young woman approached us and started a conversation in English with us. She is a University student and would like to have a career in translating spanish/english.  She has agreed to have a weekly bible study and I will be meeting with her tomorrow.  We are really feeling encouraged with our progress in the ministry in such a short time.
A sister borrowing my parasol
In order to cope with the constant sun and heat I always have a parasol with me. Umbrellas and parasols are used very often with locals and foreigners alike.

Pat has prepared a public talk - Are you Walking with God - which he will be delivering on April 15th. So, between getting ready for the Memorial, preparing meeting parts, working on territories and preparing for his public talk Pat is one busy man!

We have to go into town this afternoon to pay some bills. I sure hope the bank is busy - that way we can stay in the air conditioning longer.